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In a global economy, many intermediaries have clients who have businesses with risk exposures in more than one country. The challenge for intermediaries is to find the best coverage protection for the client’s risks. While some risks are covered individually in the local insurance market, others can be more appropriately covered on a master policy which may include risks located in several countries.

Because insurance, tax rules and (insurance intermediary) regulations differ from country to country, it is often difficult to develop global policies. However, there is a strong need for multinational insurance programs providing global insurance coverage as these help to prevent coverage gaps, to maximize global capacity and to ensure consistent loss procedures.

Intermediaries advising multinational clients want any programs to be regulatory and legally compliant in each country that is involved. Therefore, WFII encourages national governments to recognise the need for multinational placements and  to consider specifically approved regulatory exemptions from locally admitted insurance requirements for conforming multinational placements.

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